Aluminium Channel Fitting

1. Place the Base Shoes on the bottom of the glass spaced at approx. 250mm centres as shown in the diagram. Ensure that there is a base on each bottom corner of the glass. Apply a little bit of washing up liquid on the inside of the channel and on the ribs at the bottom of the base shoes.
2. Lift the glass into position and with a little pressure from above the glass should drop into the channel.
3. Use extra base shoes on the edges of the glass panels to stop any contact with walls or other glass. Once in the channel you should be able to move the glass up and down until in the correct position. Please allow a gap of 10.00mm between panels.
4. Insert the wedges at either side of the base shoes with the ribs towards the base shoe. Using a 4” bolster chisel knock the wedges down until they are approx. 6mm (1/4”) lower than the base shoe (ensuring adequate protection between the glass and bolster chisel).
5. Insert the finishing strip into the remaining gap at either side of the glass with the lip facing the outside of the channel, do not stretch the gasket or it will shrink back to its original size after installation. Please ensure there is no moisture/lubricant present on either the glass, channel or finishing strip or it will not stay in position.

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