A DIY guide to building a balcony

You’ve just bought a house and are in the process of planning your big DIY project, or maybe you have an old balcony that could really do with an upgrade, but are brave and want to give it a go yourself. Building your own balcony isn’t for those scared of a bit of DIY, and given the nature of a balcony, it’s important that you are a keen ‘DIYer’ with a bit of experience. There are certain things that must be considered in the planning of a balcony build and of course during the construction of the balcony itself, so we’ve put together a ‘DIYer’s guide’ to help you with your exciting project….



The first stage of the process, as with any DIY project is the planning and design of your balcony. It’s important to research and select the best materials for your specific project depending on where the balcony is going to be. Whether it’s going to be inside, outside or by the sea…different products should be used. Sea air can erode some materials meaning that more durable materials with a special coating should be used for coastal projects. (insert link to coastal products). There is also a huge range of products that you can go for depending on your individual style and property type. From minimalist Scandi, to more traditional cut glass, to industrial stainless steel…. the options are vast. Don’t forget to ensure that any plans you have are compliable with any local building codes.

We have a great online tool that allows you to plan and build a virtual balcony to your exact dimensions and materials. Click here.


2. Buy Materials

Now that you have your design and plans and are ready to get going, you need to purchase your materials. There are many different components required to build a balcony. Keep a look out for our downloadable shopping list, including everything you’ll need to buy to prepare, build and complete your balcony.


3. Begin Installation

Now it’s time to actually get going. The first job is to cut your ledger and floor joists to the correct size depending on your plans. Nail the pieces into place using a minimum of 6-inch coach screws. Next fit the joist hangers to secure the floor joist in place.


4. Install Subfloor

Now you’re ready to fit the subfloor. The subfloor can be made out of plywood and should be both screwed and glued to ensure it is as secure as possible.


5. Add Railing Support Posts

Once all of this is complete you can fit the corner posts and hand rails. We have a wide range of posts on our website, if you want a contemporary, luxury finish to your balcony. Or, alternatively, you can use 4×4 timber and cut to size.


6. Attach Handrails

Then it’s time to fit the handrails. Again, we have a large range to choose from on our website, or you can use 2 x 2 timber. Then fit your balusters. You can opt for a contemporary simple glass balcony, metal balusters, timber, illuminated glass, cut glass. Get inspiration in the gallery on our website.


7. Establish Floor

Now it’s time to lay the real floor on top of the subfloor. Cut your plywood to size and attach onto the subfloor with screws and adhesive.


8. Finish

This is the fun part! It’s now time to get creative and dress your balcony. This is completely down to personal style, whether you opt for a simple balcony furniture set, or create an on-trend balcony herb garden…. the options are endless.

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