Top tips to creating a cosy balcony for Autumn / Winter

It’s officially the first week of autumn and we’re loving the crisp air and low wintery sun. A lot of balconies get abandoned when those temperatures drop, but we have some great tips on how to create a charming, cosy, wintery hub that will keep your balcony in full use throughout the winter months.


Blankets / blanket box

Who doesn’t love to snuggle in a blanket?! An easy, inexpensive and affective way of creating a cosy outdoor seating area is blankets, blankets and more blankets. Pile them in a box so you have spares for any unexpected guests.



Cushions and cosy seats

In the summer months, it’s great to have cool iron balcony furniture, but when the air is cool and the nights are long, there’s nothing better than watching the stars in a soft, snuggly cushion filled chair. There are plenty out there with special outdoor protected fabric so they can withstand the wintery weather.



Lighting / fairy lights / fake candles

Mood lighting is as important outside as it is inside. A great way to create a warm welcoming balcony is to drape fairy lights or outdoor bulbs anywhere you can. The more the merrier. Outdoor, artificial candles also look great and create a romantic and charming feeling.


Fire pits and heaters

It’s all well and good creating a ‘warm and cosy’ atmosphere, but let’s be honest no amount of fairy lights will warm your hands on a cold December night. Fire pits and outdoor heaters can give off a huge amount of heat and some of the smaller pits and chimineas are perfect for even the smallest of balconies.



Winter plants

Plants brighten up any area and are a great way of injecting a bit of colour to an outdoor space. Using a variety of evergreen plants in winter creates a beautiful, simple and stylish look.






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